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For businesses of all sizes, one of the biggest issues that they face is managing their accounts. Keeping track of money going in and out is crucial to the success of the business while keeping detailed records for the tax man is also important. There are many different ways to find an accountant but working with one in your local area can have added advantages.

Doing research

So let’s say you are a business in London, maybe the east of the city and are considering working with East London accountants – but how to do you pick one? For starters, you can do a little research on the company in question through their website. Very few professional companies don’t have a web presence of some form and often these websites provide a wealth of information about services.

The website will give you an idea about the kinds of businesses that the company have worked with. Some accountants are generalists and work with any industry but other specialise in certain types of business to gain a fuller understanding of their needs and requirements. This can be an advantage when choosing an account that specialises in your sector.

Local benefits

Another big benefit of going with that local East London accountants firm is that you can hold face to face meetings with them. Many of us use the internet to make Skype calls or send instant messages as well as smartphones for texts and phone calls when on the move. But with something as important as your accounts, then it doesn’t hurt to sit down and discuss everything with your accountant.

Accountant example

So, continuing with our theme of an East London accountants, let’s take a look at one as an example. Fixed Price are East London Accountants who offer a wide range of services for their customers. These include:

  • Tax returns both corporate and personal
  • Payroll issues
  • VAT
  • Completing statutory accounts
  • Bookkeeping services
  • PAYE registration
  • Quarterly and annual management

These are all the basic services that most businesses require to run the financial side of their operations. In addition, the company also offers to deal with HMRC and Companies House on behalf of the company and can also offer personal -self-assessment tax returns for self-employed people who don’t work as part of a company.

In addition to the big stuff, Fixed Price also offer a number of helpful services that can ensure the financial success of the business. This includes budgeting and planning as well as account management and even dividend administration.

In terms of who they work with, the company list several sectors that they have experience working with. These includes food related businesses such as restaurants, pubs and takeaways as well as franchises of various kinds. They work with retailers of fashion as well as food and with IT contracting companies and sole traders. They have also worked with medical businesses such as GP practices and locums responsible for their own bookkeeping.


This is an example of a local accountants who can deal with a good spread of business types and offer comprehensive services that not only fulfill statutory requirements but assist the business in its growth and financial planning.

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